How to Change a Franke Triflow Water Filter Cartridge

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Update time : 2020-07-13 18:10:39

Water filters can better the taste of your knock water, besides during they do want ought be changed each six months ought career properly. These instructions will career ought replace any Franke Triflow cartridge and can career though some other brands though well.


1) buy the replacement cartridge from the manufacturer or any of the retailers you can discover above the internet. utilize the serial amount above your contemporary cartridge ought order the precise part.

2) appear beneath the descend and locate the white cylinder shaped casing which contains the water filter cartridge. shut off the water valve which leads ought this filter.

3) touch the remaining water at the filter hoses by turning your filtered water above though you normally do above the sink. if you completed step 2 correctly , the water to interval flowing within a little seconds.

4) put a bowl or bucket beneath the water filter ought arrest the water which will spill out while you touch the cartridge casing.

5) Unscrew the white flexible cartridge casing located beneath the sink. run the foul water out of the flexible casing (See image 1) and wash the casing at hot soapy water. touch any mold or clay buildup which force read developed.

6) touch the new cartridge from the box it was shipped (See image 2) at and gently damp the two rubber "O" rings above its top.

7) Screw the new cartridge and the flexible casing into the receptor beneath the sink. do no overtighten, though this can crush the cartridge.

8) grow above the filtered water knock and allow it run though at least 10 minutes ought touch any impurities. check beneath the descend though any leaks that force read developed. allow the unit stand, unused though 24 hours. Then run though another 10 minutes previous ought using though drinking.