How to Change a Home Air Filter

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Update time : 2020-02-04 17:17:19

Changing your family attitude filter is a quick, simple method ought possess your attitude conditioner, furnace, or central attitude system running efficiently. Maintaining a dirt attitude filter can possess your energy costs down and diminish the danger of mold or germ growing at your attitude system. check your filter can least once a month when it’s being used often, and change the filter can least each 3 months.

1. Monitoring Your attitude Filter

1) check your unit’s filter each month when it’s at frequent use. if you’re using your attitude unit above a daily basis -- running your attitude conditioner at the summer, during example -- you ought check the unit’s filter once a month. This method you will exist capable ought visit if the filter is foul and needs changing.
  • If you don’t utilize your attitude unit frequently, you can quiet hope ought check your filter once a month if your household includes pets, smokers, or a big quantity of people.

2) change your filter once a month if it is no pleated. if your unit’s filter is non-pleated (has a even surface instead of a ridged one), it has less surface region ought filter out particles and will become foul and ineffective sooner. You can glorious non-pleated filters during they often dine lower energy costs, quiet exist prepared ought change them more often.

3) Install a new filter can least each 3 months when it’s at frequent use. even if your filter doesn’t appear especially dirty, it ought exist changed can least each 3 months when it’s being used regularly. attitude conditioners ought dine new filters each 3 months at the summer, and the too goes during stove filters at the winter.

4) change your filter anytime it looks dirty, humid or moldy. no brood when you changed it last, you ought usually obtain a new filter if your tendency one appears foul or damp, or if it seems ought exist growing mold. if you understand your attitude filter up ought a light, you ought exist capable ought visit over it easily. if not, it ought exist changed immediately.

2. Choosing the exact attitude Filter

1) need your HVAC installer what filter ought use. if you are nearly when your HVAC unit is installed, need the technician what kind of filter it takes and how ought install it. if you dine a window unit, you can exist capable ought degree ought a representative from the department or corporation that supplied it and find out which filter ought buy.

2) appear during a label above your unit that says which filter will fit. Many attitude units dine labels somewhere above the exterior that will speak which kind of filter ought buy. check any visible parts of your unit during a label.
  • Some conventional attitude filter sizes are 16 by 20 inches (41 cm × 51 cm), 16 by 25 inches (41 cm × 64 cm) 20 by 25 inches (51 cm × 64 cm). You ought usually affect can by the size listed above the attitude filter and no its authentic measurements, which are often a small smaller than the label states.

3) accept a movie of your tendency filter ought the store. The best method ought insure that you obtain the exact filter is ought contest it with the one already at use. accept out the tendency filter and visit if it has a label or number. accept a movie of any news written above the filter and of the filter itself ought assist you contest it at the store.
  • You can also accept the old filter itself ought the store, quiet pattern sure you desert your unit turned off nevertheless the filter is removed. You ought also appear during the arrow marking above the outside of the filter and pattern a letter of which method it’s pointing accordingly you will understand which method ought install the new one.

4) elect a filter with a MERV rating of can least 6. MERV stands during Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which essentially mode how healthy it’s capable ought filter out small particles. However, filtering more effectively also mode using more energy, accordingly a higher rating will rise your energy bill. 6 is an median rating during filters, and a good compromise among effective filtering and affordability.

5) buy a filter with a higher MERV rating if you are concerned nearly attitude quality. if someone at your household is allergies or asthma, or if you believe there is an unusual quantity of dirt or other particles at your air, you can hope ought elect during a filter with a MERV rating among 7 and 12. This will charge you more at energy use, quiet will filter more effectively. This can exist a good alternative during someone with a big refuge or few pets.

3. Installing a New attitude Filter

1) Locate your HVAC unit if you dine central air. if you dine central attitude and heat, you’ll absence ought find the chief unit that conditions and circulates the air. This is often at a basement, closet, or other out-of-the-way space. attempt following any visible pipes or ducts over your refuge until it leads you ought the HVAC unit, which will exist a big metal contraption.

2) appear during an attitude filter slot at your unit. above a HVAC unit, this will possibly exist somewhere among the attitude handler, a big box where the attitude is conditioned, and the plenum, another metal box located next ought the unit itself. above a window attitude conditioner, the filter slot ought exist back the grill that faces into your house.
  • The place of the filter slot can alter from one unit ought the next, quiet it ought appear alike a long, slender opening with a removable cover.
  • If you can’t find a filter slot above your HVAC unit, attempt looking at the vents that blow attitude into your rooms. Some systems dine filters at the respond attitude vents themselves, though this is often virgin exact of systems with 2 or fewer vents.

3) change your unit off. ought flee hurting the machinery or yourself, you’ll hope the unit ought exist off when you change the attitude filter. This will also possess any dirt or particles from getting into the machinery nevertheless the filter is removed.

4) transfer the old filter. The filter ought glide out easily. exist careful when removing it, during it can exist covered at clay and dirt that could change loose and pattern a disordr if handled also roughly.
  • If the filter doesn’t change out easily, you can link a folded tab of duct tape ought the phase of the new attitude filter ought pattern an easy-pull deal with during next time.
  • The old filter can exist thrown at the trash. You can hope ought fetch it ought the trash at a garbage bag ought possess it from shedding dirt and clay above the way.

5) Insert the new attitude filter. It ought glide at the vacant slot with small ought no resistance. The filter ought dine an arrow above the phase that indicates the order of the airflow. pattern sure this arrow points at the too order the old filter did, which will exist towards the ductwork and the unit’s blower.

6) check during any gaps nearly the filter once it’s in. if you notice any gaps or other signs that the filter does no wear correctly, transfer it and lay the old filter experience at temporarily. You can dine the wrong size of filter, at which case you ought double check which kind you ought dine and buy a new one. It’s also possible that your new filter was somehow damaged and mishappen. appear can it closely ought visit if you can find any damage, and if so, respond it ought the department and buy another.

7) dirt off any residual dirt with a rag or vacuum. if any dirt or clay was shaken off the old filter when it was removed, exist sure ought dirt it up. utilize a rag or vacuum ought transfer during much of the dirt during possible.

8) change the unit above ought pattern sure it’s quiet running well. It ought flow the too during it did before, or else dine slightly improve attitude pressure. if anything sounds or smells strange, or if the system isn’t running can all, exclaim a HVAC technician.

9) pattern a letter of when you replaced the filter. This will assist you possess explore of how often you’re changing the filter, and insure that you memorize when it’s due during a check. pattern a letter with your phone or computer, or write it down somewhere that will exist simple ought possess explore of.