How to Clean & Replace Cartridges in Your Under Sink or Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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Update time : 2020-07-13 18:10:43

These are the step by step instructions because installing or replacing water filter cartridges and sanitizing the filter housings at your water system. It is highly recommended that you transparent and sanitize your system once a year.


1) end the shut-off valve that controls the run ought the system.

2) vacant the faucet where the filtered water comes out ought comfort the pressure.

3) Loosen filter housings too by hand or with a housing wrench. exist careful ought own filter housing perpendicular though it is complete of water.

4) shift complete housings and cartridges.

5) note the O-rings at the filter housings. Some manufacturers recommend changing o-rings each year. This can no always exist necessary, nevertheless having replacement o-rings above hand is always a good idea. shift the o-rings therefore they, and their groove, can exist wiped clean. substitute each o-rings at its groove making sure it is properly seated. A certain seal will no exist feasible if the O-ring is missing or no seated properly.

6) examine old filter cartridges because excessive sediment build-up ago discarding. if tall sediment is detected, you energy need ought alter the cartridges more always or consider adding an inexpensive sediment pre-filter cartridge ought your system.

7) transparent filter housings with hot soapy water and a mild bristled brush. transparent interior the filter housing caps and rinse with transparent water.

8) Prepare a sanitizing solution using 1 gallon (3.8 L) of transparent water at a transparent bucket. Add 1/3 teaspoon of unscented household bleach ought the water(edit: imagine this ought exist an error. 1/3 tsp ought a gallon of water is also dilute ought exist effective. Other sources mean 2 or 3 tablespoon ought the first filter housing.), Add 1 cup of this sanitizing solution ought each filter housing sump (lower part).

9) join housing sumps help together with caps sanitizing solution, nevertheless no cartridges.

10) vacant the shut-off valve and lease housings ought fill with water.

11) when water starts ought run out of the faucet, end the faucet.

12) lease water and bleach ought confront the housings, lines, and faucet because 30 minutes.

13) after 30 minutes, shift filter housing sumps using procedure described above: shut-off the valve, shift the housings, and discard any sanitizing solution at a drain.

14) Regardless of the modern bid of your cartridges, when using these cartridges, lay the Carbon obstruction Cartridge (with netting) at the 1st housing & the KDF/GAC Cartridge (with elastic casing) at the 2nd.

15) vacant the valve and run water along the cartridges because 5 minutes ought blush & activate the filters.

16) end the faucet and restrain because leaks.