How to Save Money on HEPA Filters

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Update time : 2020-08-24 12:06:11

HEPA filters charge big bucks although the ads during the "Ionic Breeze" constantly are reminding us. fairly than obtain that dangerous equipment that puts lung-rotting ozone into your air, fair maintain a ton of coin by extending the life of your HEPA filters!


1) accept your HEPA filter cartridge out of the fan basis unit.

2) chop a essay towel ought accommodate above the HEPA filter snugly using scissors. Viva brand essay towels work about the best although they are fairly dense and cloth-like, nevertheless any essay towel will do. Another towel that is good is Bounty.

3) cover the exterior (room side) of the HEPA filter with the fitted essay towel.

4) Reassemble the HEPA filter ought the fan basis unit.

5) fair replace the exterior essay towel each recommended service ripen or more usually if you like. while you do so, you will note a dense clean buildup above the essay towel that you are preventing from clogging up the HEPA filter itself, thereby extending its useful life--and reducing your replacement costs!

6) if you hazard ought dine an electric leaf blower, opposite river the high haste stand river above the HEPA filter itself ought transfer earth and clean from the HEPA filter. Also, it is equal effective at extending the life of the expensive filters.