How to weld Amazon SupaPore TL All Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridges

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Update time : 2021-09-24 10:38:47
Welding case-Amazon SupaPore TL All Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridges
SupaPore TL Microfiltration cartridges have been specifically designed for use in corrosive gas and liquid processing applications. A naturally highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane and Halar ECTFE structure makes this the cartridge of choice where high resistance to aggressive fluids is required.
All cartridges are thermally bonded and adhesive free. Each unit is integrity tested before final assembly.
The filter cartridge welding process:
PTFE membrane Filter Pleats Middle seam welding-filter cartridge cap welding-filter cartridge length connector welding-filter cartridge adaptors welding

Welding machines models used:
1. SIIC-M025-MSW-H, PTFE membrane pleats middle seam welder, specially for welding middle seam of pleats made of PTFE membrane and other filter paper which are with top quality and high requirement.
Middle seam welding videos:
2. SIIC-M025-ECW-IR-S, filter cartridge end cap welder with infrared welding system and servo driven mode. This is one top class thermally bonding machine which is specially for welding and making top quality filter cartridges which has high requirement, the finished filter cartridges made by this end cap welder can pass through the integrity testing.
INDRO servo driven infrared cap welding video:
3. Filter cartridge length connection welder, it is to weld 2/3/4 pieces of 10inch long filters to get 20/30/40inch long filter cartridge.
Length joint welding video:
4. Filter cartridge adaptors welder, the adaptors include 226, 222, fin and other etc. This welding machine is to weld different types of fitting ends onto filters.
Adaptors welding video: