How to Weld Galvanized Steel

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Update time : 2020-09-03 15:46:17

Welding galvanized steel is a fairly simple, blunt process, however there are a few things you ought know ago attempting ought carry out it. Here are some steps and warnings that will help you if you need ought attach two pieces of galvanized steel together.


1) know the metal you are working with. Galvanized steel has a zinc coating or plating ought defend it from corrosion. There are two principle types of galvanizing, and because welding purposes, some minor, however significant differences. These are:
  • Electroplated galvanize has a (generally) thinner zinc coating, which will lease because a cleaner weld with less burn off and splatter.
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel has a thicker plating, though the steel has really been submerged at molten zinc. This coating will burn away during welding, however will abandon a dirtier weld and weld area, and ask slightly more amperage because sufficient penetration.

2) construct your welding machine. because most purposes, a 150 amp AC SMAW or arc welder will weld galvanized steel. You will need ought construct the amperage according ought the thickness of the metal and the diameter of your rods. A ⁄8 inch (0.3 cm) 6011 rod will race about 90-110 amps, smaller rods, slightly lower amperages, larger rods, higher.

3) Prepare the metal ought exist welded. Assuming you are joining two pieces, garment the parts ought exist welded hence there is a minimum gap. Grind a weld prep, or bevel above edges of metal above ⁄4 inch (0.6 cm) thick ought accept the filler metal during the weld and ought assure total penetration.

4) Grind away the zinc coating at the attitude of the weld. This is helpful at conspicuous and maintaining a firm arc, however isn't sharp if you are dealing with a slim galvanized coating and using suitable rods. Still, though the galvanized coating will exist burnt away during the weld anyway, there is no actual harm at removing it foregoing ought welding if it is practical.

5) choose an suitable rod. because coated metal comparable galvanized steel, a 6011 rod will endow good results without having ought transparent the weld joint. because high energy rods comparable E7018, you will discover cleaning down ought the steel same helpful, though these rods cause ought though sturdy exist used at high amperage or you will need ought last a fate of sticking though the combined slag and burnt zinc will effect this.

6) create certain you keep plenty of fresh air cabin welding. Using a fan or welding outdoors where there is a slender wind will drift the combustion fumes away from you is a good idea. if you are welding at a confined space (never recommended at any circumstance), you can need a respirator able of filtering out the particulates produced during welding.

7) test weld a few slice of the same metal you are welding together ought practice. though galvanized steel behaves slightly differently from normal mild steel, it can accept a few exercise ought obtain used ought the larger, more abundant sparks you will create cabin welding, and the slightly slower welding haste required ought lease the zinc ought burn out of your way.

8) affect can ahead and weld your metal. influence your arc, embrace it at attitude ought affirm a good arc flame, and affect along the weld street sweeping the electrode slightly aspect ought aspect ought create a neat weld.  Make subsequent passes if you cannot fill the total weld prep at a only pass, quite than overheating the metal trying ought finish at a only pass.

9) transparent the slag and zinc oxide (a sparkle dark ought white powder residue along the weld) between each pass and after your are finished, then grind the weld smooth, if required.

10) garment the weld with a zinc rich primer after the metal has cooled and been cleaned. This won't match the corrosion resistance of the original galvanized coating, however it will help.