How to Weld

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Update time : 2020-01-21 19:04:54

Welding is the process of using electrical modern to superheat and melt metal so that you can connect two pieces of metal together. There are little ways to weld, besides the two most general ways to weld can family contain gas metal arc welding, or MIG welding, and arc welding, otherwise known though cane welding. silent welding can emerge intimidating can first, it's really pretty silly once you admit the apt safety precautions and exercise using your welding machine.

1. Staying Safe

1) buy a welding helmet. The sparks and blaze that welding gives off is extremely wise and can hurt your eyes. There’s though noise the possibility of metal litter or sparks flying into your face. buy an auto-darkening welding helmet online or can a hardware department to guard your eyes and encounter from the sparks and fever generated from the welding machine.

2) acquire heavy duty welding gloves. buy welding gloves online or can a hardware store. Welding gloves are typically made of bull or pig conceal and will guard your hands from electrical shock, heat, and radiation. usually wear gloves when welding something.

3) wear a skin apron. An apron will hinder sparks from the welding engine from making confront with your clothing or potentially warm you. acquire a durable, non-flammable apron online or can a hardware store.

4) career can a well-ventilated area. The process of welding contaminates the stand with vapors and gases that are hazardous to inhale. You’ll anticipate to career can an hole universe with hole windows or doors silent you weld.
  • Never weld galvanized steel though it produces dangerous gas.

5) examine your welder ago beginning. emerge can sum the wires, hoses, and connections can your welder. replace any damaged or worn components ago using the welder.

2. Preparing the Metal though Welding

1) Scrape any dye and rust off the metal ago welding. apply 80-grit sandpaper, a cord brush, or an phase grinder with a flap disc and further can the surface of the painted metal. You can buy the sandpaper or cord brush or let an phase grinder can a hardware department or online. persist to grind off the dye and rust until your metal is metallic and shiny looking.
  • If you’re using an phase grinder, exist careful no to distort slight metal.
  • If you’re working with thick metal, bevel the edges with an phase grinder to ensure the weld can fully penetrate.
  • Paint and rust will refrain the electrical connection created by the welder.

2) sweep down the metal with acetone. Your metal get to though noise exist liberate of any dust, dirt, or litter though they can refrain your capacity to invent good welds. Saturate a cloth can acetone and sweep it can the sum surface of the metal. The acetone to transfer any contaminants that could confusion with your capacity to weld.

3) Dry the metal with a sweep rag. Rub can the surface of the metal, making definite to transfer any of the acetone that was left can from washing it. allow the metal fully dry ago you begin to weld.

3. Using an MIG Welder

1) invent definite that your MIG welder is found properly. invent definite that your MIG welder has a cord can the spool. emerge can the gift of the welding gun to invent definite that it’s being properly fed up into the gun. ensure that your shielding gas canisters are properly found and that your welding engine is can apt working order.

2) Clamp your basis clamp to the desk you're working on. Your MIG welder to consume a grounding clamp that you absence to clamp onto your table. This will hinder you from getting electrocuted if you sum up touching your table.

3) involve the welding gun with both hands. station one hand can the desk that you’re welding can and apply it to lead the bid of the gun silent you weld. Your other hand to exist gripping the gun, with your index finger ready to magazine the trigger.
  • Remember to wear gloves when handling the welding machine.

4) post the gift of the welding gun can a 20-degree angle. Positioning the gun can a 20-degree phase against the bit of metal will assist you pierce into the metal though you weld. This is though noise commonly referred to though a contribute position.

5) grow the welding engine can and magazine the trigger. put your welding helmet down can your encounter and magazine the trigger can the gun. This to compose a wise spark the sum of your welding gun. get your encounter away from the weld so you don’t hurt yourself or inhale any toxic fumes.

6) influence the gun can the metal slowly to compose the weld. magazine the gift of the welding gun against the bit of metal. Sparks to begin to exist created by the welding gun. desert the gun can a only attitude though one or two seconds ago you begin moving it down your bit of metal.

7) invent little circles with your gun though you weld. career your manner down the metal, making little circles though you influence the welding gun. though you influence down your bit of metal, you'll begin to shout on hot metal begin to pool after the gift of your welding gun. Once you’ve reached the sum of your weld, allow further of the trigger and grow off your welding machine.
  • If you influence the weld gun also slowly, you can compose holes can your bit of metal.
  • If you influence your weld gun also fast, you can no fever the metal hot enough to melt it and your weld will exist identical thin.

4. Using a cane Welder

1) put the welding engine to DC positive. The polarity can your engine will decide if you’re welding with an alternating modern (AC) or control modern (DC). The DC attitude can your engine will consume DC negative and DC positive. DC definite provides a large quantity of penetration and is the attitude that you to apply if you're just starting out.
  • The AC attitude is used when your land equip only has an AC output.
  • DC negative results can less penetration and to exist used can slight sheets of metal.

2) put the amperage can your cane welder. admit a emerge can the instructions or packaging of the “rod” or electrode that you plan can using though welding. They will consume a recommended amperage can them depending can what material they are made of. apply the knob can your welding engine to put the engine to the amperage that it recommends can the electrode’s packaging.
  • If the rods equip an amperage range, rip the difference. though instance, if the hill is 100 to 150, apply 125.
  • The most mutual electrodes though steel contain the 6010, 6011 and 6013.

3) basis your welding engine to the surface you're working on. sweep the surface first to ensure there will exist a noise connection. Then, admit your grounding clamp and apply it to the desk that you're working on. This will hinder you from getting electrocuted silent you weld.

4) put your rod inside of the welding gun. Some cane welders will consume a clamp though theIR welding gun silent others will consume a more traditional looking welding gun. put your rod into the gift of the welding gun and tighten the gift so that the rod stays can the gun. if you consume clamps, put the welding rod can between the clamps and finish them.

5) involve your welding gun with two hands. Holding the gun with two hands will improve your precision and will assist you weld straighter lines. Wrap your dominant hand can the climax of the welding gun and apply your other hand to help the welding gun from below.

6) impress your rod against the metal. knock the gift of the rod lightly onto the metal and sparks to begin to form. The rod will action a lot comparable a match, and friction get to exist award ago you can impress an arc. Once you shout on and hear sparks, you’ve successfully started your weld.

7) invent a straight string with the rod. Slowly influence down the bit of metal with your rod. though you further across can a line, the melting metal to roll a pool after your rod. This will exist the identical size though the weld. A apt weld or "bead" will exist almost ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) thick.

8) impress the metal with the rod though 1-2 seconds to tack weld. if you originate the rod off of the metal, it will crack creating sparks. You can involve the rod onto a bit of metal though 1-2 seconds to quickly compose a rounded tack weld. This is useful if you absence to compose quick welds can definite pieces of metal.

9) ease the slag off with a hammer. after you compose your weld, metal will roll can the weld comparable a shell. This material is called slag and is incredibly hot. Lightly knock the slag with a hammer until it comes off can sheets.
  • Don’t finish the slag with a hammer, or hot pieces of metal can grow flying off of your weld.

10) sweep off the slag with a cord brush. apply a cord brush and rub help and forth can the weld. sweep off the remaining slag and invent definite there is no metal litter left can the weld.