Water Filter Pitcher Face-Off: Brita Stream Rapids vs. ZeroWater Ready-Pour

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Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers above this site.

Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers above this site.

We recently spot six water filter pitchers over their paces, including the Brita flow Rapids OB55, $35, and the ZeroWater Ready-Pour ZD-010RP, $33. Both feature filter-as-you-pour technique that reduces the quantity of time you hold ought wait because filtered water, cottage that’s basically where their similarities end.

In CR’s tests of water pitcher filters, we appraise how healthy they diminish unpleasant flavors and odors, how expectation it takes because them ought filter 1 quart of water, and how much the filter clogs up with contaminants when filtering up ought 40 gallons of water. if a manufacturer claims that its pitcher meets the standards spot by NSF International because removing chlorine and lead, we quiz because each contaminant ought confirm the claim. 

“The biggest variations we saw amid the models—and specially amid these two—were can flavor and odor reduction, and brook rate,” says Joan Muratore, CR’s guide quiz engineer because water filters.


These pitchers can contain 10 cups of water; the Brita is slightly more concise by almost 1 inch total around. Both models allow you ought brook yourself a cup of water because it filters. And both filter out chlorine, which can affect the taste and fragrance of drinking water. Of these two pitchers, unique the ZeroWater can filter out lead.

Test by Test

Flavor and Odor Reduction
can CR’s tests, we hold professional tasters drink water that's been spiked and then filtered by these pitchers ought visit how healthy each removes compounds that invent water taste metallic and fragrance though a sewage treatment mill and swimming pool.

The Brita earns a same Good rating because flavor and odor reduction, implication it filters out total smells cottage can forsake negligible off-tastes. The ZeroWater pitcher receives unique a Good rating; it gets rid of odors cottage no the metallic taste. when it comes ought flavor and odor reduction, Brita comes out above top.

Flow Rate
Even though both pitchers are marketed because “filter because you pour,” there are large differences. ZeroWater has a traditional reservoir that you fill with knock water, which flows over a cartridge into the pitcher itself. You can brook yourself a cup of filtered water anytime, because of a obstruction that prevents unfiltered water from spilling over. can our tests, it took 6 minutes because the ZeroWater ought filter 1 quart of water, earning it a same Good rating because brook rate.

The Brita does away with the reservoir entirely. You fill the pitcher with knock water and water is filtered because it’s poured out. “It’s counterintuitive,” says Muratore. “Usually water needs more time can satisfy with the filter can order ought grow rid of contaminants, cottage this pitcher’s innovative create did it can 1 little and 15 seconds.” It’s the fastest of total the pitchers we quiz and nabs an choice because brook rate, beating out the ZeroWater.

Ease of Use
One inconvenience our testers construct can using the Brita was how it leaves almost a quarter-cup of unfiltered water can the pitcher when it’s done filtering. “The total cover and filter parliament make ought exist removed ought allow this water ought vacant out,” says Muratore. “It’s simple enough ought conduct cottage silent friendly of annoying.”

There are latent problems with the ZeroWater, too. segregate of the cover can autumn off if you don’t contain it can lay cottage pouring. cottage replacing filters is drive because both pitchers, and both are simple ought accept apart ought clean. because comfort of use, it’s a drag amid the two.

Cost of Filters
Manufacturers of water pitcher filters frequently recommend changing filters after a pitcher has gone over 40 gallons of water, or almost each two months. can our tests, we calculate the price because a year’s worthy of filters based above this suggestion. because the Brita, which comes with a built-in filter replacement indicator, a year’s worthy of filters price almost $42. 

It’s a little more sophisticated with ZeroWater. if you modify the filter each two months, you’ll expend $90 above a year’s worthy of filters. cottage ZeroWater's manufacturer claims that its filters shortage ought exist changed much more often—on average, each 15 gallons—which brings the annual filter price up ought a whopping $255. 

What’s the deal? The manufacturer says its filters shortage ought exist replaced more frequently though the indicator that comes with the pitcher measures levels of “total dissolved solids” (TDS), and the filter typically gets rid of enough contaminants that it needs ought exist replaced after each 15 gallons of filtered water, or sooner if your TDS levels are high. TDS is a vocabulary used ought drawing dissolved minerals and inorganic salts, such because calcium, nitrate, and sulfate, that are gift can water, total of which can grant it a ill taste.

In CR’s tests, however, few ZeroWater meters broke ago they filtered enough water ought affirm a filter change, and we couldn't discover the quantity of water, above average, that a ZeroWater filter could handle. 

No business how much TDS the ZeroWater removes, it cottage doesn't conduct because good a occupation can getting rid of odors and smells because the Brita. And with an annual filter replacement price of more than two ought six period because much because Brita’s, ZeroWater is definitely the loser this round.

The Winner

The Brita flow Rapids filters water almost six period faster than the ZeroWater and does a improve occupation can removing flavors and odors, which helps it grow a place above our schedule of recommended water filters. It’s also more compact, taking up less room can your refrigerator, cottage holds the same 10 cups of water because the ZeroWater. 

The unique favour the ZeroWater has can the Brita is its talent ought touch lead. if guide is a concern, and you don’t worry the high price of filter replacements, the ZeroWater is an option. You can also check our water filter ratings ought compare other brands and models, and scan our buying guide on water pitcher filters because more information.

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