Why it is necessary to install voltage stabilizer for pleated filter cartridge machines line?

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Author : indrofiltermachine.com
Update time : 2021-06-09 17:36:04
The industrial working voltage in different country is different. So when we export the pleated filter cartridges machine line, we will install the voltage transformer for each machine as per end user’s local voltage.
When we export pleated filter cartridge cap welder to USA customer, we will install one transformer as per 480V, 3phase.

Since the voltage transformer is installed, then it is necessary for the pleated filter cartridge manufacturers to install voltage stabilizer separately in their factory when running the pleated filter cartridge production machine line?
The answer is yes. Why?
The big reason is the voltage supplied is not stable, this does much bad for machine’s using life. For the structure composed of some sensitive electronic accessories, a large voltage change will directly damage it.
We once went to an Indian customer to instruct the customer to operate the equipment. After our personal testing, the local weekend voltage can reach more than 550 volts. The normal voltage is 440V. If there is no voltage regulator, it is very easy to damage the key electronic structure of the equipment.
The temperature control part of the filter element welding equipment, the filter cartridge middle seam welding machine, are all very sensitive results. The unstable voltage can damage them most easily. And temperature control part is key part of all filter cartridge welding machines, including filter cartridges cap welder, length connector welder, adaptor (fitting end) welders.

Therefore, for all customers who purchase our equipment, we require them to equip all equipment with a voltage stabilizer separately.
There are also filter cartridge manufacturers. After they purchase our pleated filter cartridge production line, because the local voltage is very unstable, for the sake of insurance, they will equip each device with a voltage stabilizer, and then equip the entire pleated filter cartridge production line with a total Voltage regulator.
Then how to install voltage stabilizer?
Just send the following information to your local voltage stabilizer, they will help you to make suitable one: power for each machine, total power for all the machines line.