Capsule filter welding VS cartridge filter welding

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Capsule filter welding VS cartridge filter welding
Capsule filter VS cartridge filter:
Capsule filters combine a wide range of filter media, pore size rating and surface areas to satisfy numerous applications. 
Cartridge filter system offers a wide range of flow capacities and are normally used as polishing filter in almost all process industries.
Capsule filters protect operators and environment during setup, production and cleaning, while delivering high performance to your filtration system and single use applications. Their rigid construction stands up to back pressurization and demanding usage, especially autoclave sterilization and chemical sanitization
Membrane Of Filter Capsules And Cartridges: Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic
Polyethylene (PE) and PTFE hydrophobic membranes for economical air / gas and vent filtration. Virus, bacteria and spore retentive. PE is gamma stable and will substitute PVDF. Retention ratings from 0.01um in gas applications or 0.1um in liquid applications, to 10um.
PES, Nylon or Cellulose Acetate hydrophilic membranes provide performance improvements over other membrane types like PVDF. Microbially retentive micron ratings from 0.04um, 0.1um and 0.2um to prefilter ratings 0.45um, 0.65um and up to 1.2um.
Structure of capsule filter:
The structure of capsule filtration components is compact, which is quite convenient to use. More than that, its design could meet the highest standard of reliability, security and user convenience.
In order to satisfy numerous needs, it combines all other kinds of the filtration medium, pore size rating, and superficial area. Every capsule filter is made of compact and folded filtration components, which is sealed in a solid and disposal Polyacrylic cover.
According to the unique and advanced craft, filtration components and the cover are thermally bonded into an independent unit. It is the permanently sealed integrity structure which provides the most powerful guarantee for the filtration capability, reliability and security in the widespread fluid and applications.

Welding/Sealing process of capsule filters:
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