INDRO focus on filtration.
Within the recent 10 years, INDRO filter machine division focus on research, development and manufacturing the complete production line of liquid –water filtration pleated filter cartridges, filter cartridges cap welders.
INDRO filter machine division is constantly innovating and developing new welding technology for pleated filter element to meet the requirements of producing top quality filter element.
In addition to the standard folding filter production equipment, we can also design and manufacture the corresponding non-standard equipment according to the customer's requirements for the production of special folding filter.
INDRO provides safe, efficient and stable automatic plastic welding engineering design, patient and professional one-stop services of machine training, installation and debugging.
The servo drive infrared welding system developed by INDRO is specially used to produce the world's top glass precision and depth filtration pleated filters. It has been recognized by filter element manufacturers in European and American markets, especially by high flow filter element manufacturers.