With more than 20 years experiences of manufacturing filter equipments, as machine division of INDRO FILTRATION GROUP, SHANGHAI INDRO INDUSTRY CO., LTD is specializing on researching, designing and manufacturing industrial filters making equipments and machines.
Within the recent 10 years, SIIC team focus on research, development and manufacturing the complete production line of liquid-water filtration pleated filter cartridges, pleated air filters and dust collector filter cartridges.
Our liquid filter cartridges machines line covers the whole making process of liquid-water filtration pleated filter cartridge: from pleats making, middle seam welder, pleats width cutter (edge trimming off), filter cap welder, length connecting to filter connector end cap welding. This machines line is special for making small diameter PP-PES-NYLON-FIBERGLASS-PTFE micro porous membrane pleated filter cartridges, filter capsules and high flow big diameter filter cartridges. And also our welders are available for welding melt blown filter cartridges end caps.   

Our pleated air filters production machine lines are special for making pleated air filters, such as mini pleats, compact pleated air filter, W-V air filters and pleated panel filters, the machines include the whole process: from multi layers of filter materials composite rewinding, pleats making and gluing, edge cutting/trimming off to frame gluing.
Our dust filter cartridges machines line are special for making dust collector filter cartridges, such as spun bond polyester cartridge, cellulose filter cartridge, gas turbine air intake filter cartridges, long pleated bags type filter cartridges, PU top-bottom pleated cartridge widely used in industrial dust removal. The line includes the whole process: from inner and outer wire mesh tubing, pleats making, pleats seam welding, tape winding to top and bottom cap covers gluing.
As SIIC team has been focusing on details and stability of machines, we are getting widely recognition of filtration enterprises from different countries of the world, such as USA, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Korea, India etc.


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