How many parts included in one complete piece of pleated filter cartridges?

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Update time : 2020-02-11 18:53:55
How many parts included in one complete piece of pleated filter cartridges?
As one professional manufacturer and supplier of pleated filter cartridge production line and filter cartridge parts, there are many customers asked us about questions of pleated filter cartridges parts, the most popular question is how many parts included in one complete piece of pleated filter cartridges?
Today, SIIC team introduces you about pleated filter cartridges making parts as followings:
The 68mm diameter pleated filter cartridges are most common, let us take an example of 10 inch long standard 68mm diameter pleated filter cartridge.
One complete piece of standard 10inch filter cartridge includes following 6 parts and 3-5 layers of pleated filter media:
1 piece of outer cage
1 piece of inner core
2 pieces of caps
2 sets of end caps: such as fin+222 with o rings, fin+226 with O rings, flat+222, flat+226

There are also some pleated filter cartridge manufacturers are using 4 parts (except for filter media) to make one filter cartridge in the market. This is mainly divided 3 conditions:
Condition 1:  the pleated filter cartridge manufacturers reduce the 2 caps and weld the end caps of fin or 222 directly onto the both ends of cages. The disadvantage of doing like this is the outlook of filter cartridge is not so good, and the possibility of side leakage is higher. And of course, the manufacturing cost is becoming lower.
Condition 2:  the pleated filter cartridge manufacturers buy half finished parts: the end caps with skirts, that means the parts which combines the caps and end caps, that means they are buying half finished parts-weld 1pc of cap and fin together to get this half finished parts. So that the manufacturer do not weld caps themselves, only need to weld the half finished parts(including cap and fin) onto cages. Because some manufacturers may do not find the details, so they think they are only using 4 parts, they are using 6 parts actually.

Condition 3: few manufacturer developed new mould which makes parts combined cap and fin, cap and 222, cap and 226, etc. This need to make many sets of moulds, because there are many types of end type. But this needs your quantity of each part to meet MOQ of parts supplier.