how to make pleated filter cartridge?

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Update time : 2019-08-12 22:19:37
How to make pleated filter cartridge?
As one professional manufacturer and supplier of liquid filtration pleated filter cartridge making machine, SIIC team is glad to share with you about pleated filter cartridges making process as followings:
-Making cartridge pleats: Using
filter paper pleating machine to make filter cartridges pleats
-Length cutter/controller: Using
filter cartridge length cutter to cut/trim off the pleats.
-Welding middle seam: Using
middle seam welder to do middle seam thermal welding of filter cartridges paper
-Cartridge shaping: Putting filter membrane with correct length into the outer cage (plastic shell) with inner core inside of the membrane to keep pleated filter cartridge have initial shape.
-End cap welding: Using
cap welder to welding cap onto both ends of filter cartridges
-Fitting end welding: using
pleated filter cartridge fitting end welder to weld different types of fitting ends together with both ends of pleated cartridges and form one complete piece of pleated filter cartridges. The different ends types include: flat cover, fin, DOE215/220/222/226, M20/30 thread and other.
-Length jointing/connecting: for 20”/30”/40” long pleated filter cartridges, normally using
pleated filter cartridge length connecting welder to weld  2/3/4 pieces of 10” pieces together to complete 20”/30”/40” long pleated filter cartridges.
Video list:
  1. making cartridge pleats
  2. cartridge pleats length cutting
  3. welding middle seam
  4. cartridge cap welding
  5. cartridge fitting end welding
  6. cartridge length connector welding