Hydrophilic Nylon Pleated Series Filter Cartridges making machines and features

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Hydrophilic Nylon Pleated Series Filter Cartridges making machines and features

Hydrophilic Nylon Pleated Series Filter Cartridges
Consisting Of Enhanced Nylon Materials And Imported Nonwoven For Surpporting Layers
Uniform Pore Of Filter Materials For Better Filtration 
High Purity Polypropylene Hardware Construction-Inert To Many Process Fluids Ensuring 
Wide Chemical Compatibility 
Without Fiber Release,Meet The Specifications As Per The Medicine And Food Industrial
Various Gaskets/O-Rings Materials-Compatible With Many Fluids 
Materials Of Construction:
Filter Media:                                    Nylon6(NL6)
Surpport Layers:                                 Polypropylene
Hardware/Center Core:                            Polypropylene 
End Caps:                                        Polypropylene
O-Rings:                                         EPDM,Viton,Silicone,Buna-N,Teflon Encapsulated Viton
Outside Diameter:                                 2.67"(68mm)
Lengths:                                          9.75" To 40"(248mm To 1016mm)
Retention Ratings:                                 0.1,0.22,0.45,0.65,1μm
Maximum Differential Pressure:           75 Psid(5.1 Bar)@ 68℉(20℃)
                                                         40 Psid(2.8 Bar)@150℉(65℃)
Recommended  Change Out Differential Pressure:     35 Psid(2.4bar)

Making Machines:

pleated filter cartridge making machines are special equipment line for producing nylon pleated series filter cartridges, including cap welder, middle seam welding, pleating machine, length cutter.

Electronic Industry: Final Filtration For High Purity Water、Photoelectronic And Semi-Conductor Silicon Produced
Medicine Industry: Final Filtration For Raw Material Medicine 、Medicinal Solvent、InjectionTransfusion、Distilled Water Etc.
Chemical Industry: High Purity Chemical、KetoneEster、Ether、Macromolecule Alcohol And Alkaline Liquid
Food And Beverage Industry: Pure Water、Mineral Water、Fruit Juice、Beer And Wine.