Introduction of dust collector filter cartridge

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Introduction of dust collector filter cartridge
The dust collector filter cartridge is a star-shaped filter cartridge made of pleats coming out of a certain length of filter media, the pleats seam are glued or sealed from head to tail. The filter cartridge has no cage supported and is easy to install.
There are many types of dust collector filter cartridge, mainly are long and thin type, short and fat type. Long and thin filter cartridge (such as ≤160, L = 1 ~ 2M) , its pleats (such as 45 pleats) have big space, big included angle, few pleats and shallow, the filtering area is 2 ~ 5 times larger than the same length of the same diameter filter bag, the cleaning effect is easy and good, it is suitable for filtering dust with the concentration ≥15g/m, filtration air velocity 0.6 ~ 1.2 m/min. The fat and short filter cartridge (such as 350, l = 0.66 m) has a large diameter, a short length, many pleats (120 ~ 350 pleats) and a small gap between the pleats, and a large filtering area, which is 14 ~ 35 times larger than that of the same length filter bag with the same diameter, dust is easy to accumulate and difficult to clean. It is suitable for filtering dust with concentration ≤5g/m, and the velocity of filtering wind should not be more than 0.6 m/min.
Characteristics of dust filter cartridge
The effective filtering area is greatly increased;
Ensure a low and smooth pressure difference, improve the flow rate of ventilation;
The element of the filter cartridge is compact and easy to install.
It is especially suitable for industries with high dust concentration.
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