Making equipments-advantages-features and applications of Gel Removal Absolute Depth Pleated Cartridges

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Update time : 2019-06-27 20:01:30
Making equipments-advantages-features and applications of Gel Removal Absolute Depth Pleated Cartridges
Making equipments:
Gel removal absolute depth pleated cartridges are made by SIIC-M025 liquid filtration pleated filters production line, which is from INDRO, includes pleating machines, cap welding system and pleats width cutting machine.
-Combining the Advantages Of Depth Cartridge And Traditional Pleated Cartridge 
-Innovative Fusion Of Depth And Pleated Technologies Delivers Superior -Performance When Removing Gels
-Proprietary Gel Capturing Filter Media-Gel trap 
-High Surface Area For Long Service Life 
-Micro Denier Melt Blown Fibers For High Efficiency Filtration
-Absolute Rate At>99.9% Efficiency With Retention  
-High Flow Rates with Low pressure drops 
-All Polypropylene Construction

Materials Of Construction:
Filter Media:                                    Polypropylene 
Hardware:                                        Polypropylene 
Cage/Netting:                                    Polypropylene
Supporting Material:                               Polypropylene
End Caps:                                        Polypropylene
O-Rings:                                         EPDM,Viton,Silicone,Buna-N,Teflon Encapsulated Viton
Outside Diameter:    2.67"(68mm)
Lengths:   4"(102mm),9.75"(248mm) , 
                   10"(254mm) ,19.5"(495mm)
                    20"(508mm) ,29.25"(743mm)
                    30"(762mm) ,39"(991mm)
Surface Area :
Up To 2.5ft2(0.23m2) Of Effective Filtration Area Per 10"(254mm) Equivalent Depend On Micro Rating
Retention Ratings: 1,3,5,10,20,30,40μm Absolute
Maximum Operation Pressure: 70 Psid (4.8 Bar)@ 120
                                                  40 Psid (2.8 Bar)@150
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure:  35 Psid (2.4bar) 
FDA Listed Materials:
Manufactured From Materials Which Are FDA Listed For Food Contact Applications In Title 21 Of The U.S.Code Of Federal Regulations 
All Components Meet The Specifications For Biological Satety As Per The USP For Class VI-121
Plastics (Gaskets/O-Rings Excluded )
Cartridges Are Free Of Surfactants, Resins, Binders And Adhesives
Multiple Autoclaving For 30 Minutes At 250
(121) Under No End Load Conditions. In-Line Steam Sterilization Is Not Recommended. May Be In-Line Sanitized With Hot Water At 180(82) For 1 Hour
Electronic Industry:  Pre-Filtration For Industry High, Purity Water 
Food And Beverage Industry: Wine, Mineral Water, Potable Water Etc.
Ink Filtration
CMP Filtration
Chemical Industry: Various Organic Solvent , Acid Liquid And Alkaline Liquid