pleated filter cartridge production-middle seam welding

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Update time : 2020-06-30 15:33:13
Pleated filter cartridge middle seam welding: using machines SIIC-M025-MSW to do middle seam welding, pleats with seam welded are inserted into space between inner core and outer cage.
Please note that the machine for welding PP (polypropylene) membrane pleats seam is different machine which for welding PES/fiberglass/PTFE/PVDF/nylon membrane pleats middle seam, in other words, use SIIC-M025-MSW-PP to weld PP membrane pleats middle seam, and use another machine SIIC-M025-MSW-H to weld PES/fiberglass/PTFE/PVDF/nylon membrane pleats middle seam.  
PP membrane pleats middle seam welder is mainly using ultrasonic welding principle, and PES/fiberglass/PTFE/PVDF/nylon membrane pleats middle seam welder is mainly using thermal welding principle.
According to the technological characteristics of the membrane pleated filter cartridges, Shanghai Indro has done many times of testing, and has modified and optimized the ultrasonic welding and thermal welding machines to make them more suitable for the middle seam welding production of membrane pleated filter cartridges.
There are different customers who are asking us often:”can we use the same one equipment to weld PP/ PES/fiberglass/PTFE/PVDF/nylon membrane pleats middle seam?” From above detailed description, we can know: No, cannot use the same one machine. If you want to produce PP membrane pleated filter cartridges and PES/fiberglass/PTFE/PVDF/nylon membrane pleated filter cartridges, to do middle seam welding, you shall purchase 2 machines at least.
Here we show you some pictures and video of middle seam welding as followings: PES/Fiberglass/PTFE/Nylon/PVDF membrane pleats middle seam welding video PP membrane pleats middle seam welding video