To produce PES filter cartridges, is it better to use a hot plate welding machine or infrared welding machine?

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Update time : 2020-04-21 12:52:29
To produce PES filter cartridges, is it better to use a hot plate welding machine or infrared welding machine?
Many filter cartridges manufacturers mainly produce PP membrane pleated filter cartridges in the first step. In general, after half a year to two years, with the increase in the number and types of filter cartridges required by their customers, the manufacturers will have an increased demand for the production of high-value filter cartridge such as PES membrane filters. At this time, a problem will be encountered, to produce PES membrane pleated filter cartridge, is it better to use infrared welding equipment or continue to use the existing hot plate welding machine?
INDRO is a professional manufacturer of micro-porous membrane pleated filter cartridges welding equipments. Next, we introduce the features and differences of the filter hot plate welding machine and the infrared welding machine in detail for you to help you make the appropriate choice.
PRICE COMPARISON: Filter cartridge hot plate welding machine cost is about half of the infrared welding machine.
Characteristic contrast: The hot plate welding machine needs more manual adjustment works, such as manual adjustment die level, the welding limit and the stroke, using hot plate welding, the workpiece surface damage cannot be avoided completely because of the contact heating. The filter cartridge infrared welding machine mainly uses the radiant heat energy to make the workpiece warm, which belongs to the non-contact processing,  it can avoid the plastic part surface damage because of the contacting; relative to the hot plate welding, the infrared welding precision is higher, after welding the filter element is cleaner and more beautiful, and infrared welding makes much less noise.
CAPACITY COMPARISON: It takes about 20 seconds to weld a filter cartridge cap by hot plate welding, and about 40 seconds to weld a filter cartridge cap by infra-red welding.
If your budget is really limited, you can choose the filter cartridge hot plate welding machine, and when your budget is sufficient, and want to do a high-end filter, you can choose filter infrared welding machine.
To sum up, you can choose the appropriate filter welding equipment according to your actual situation.

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