What are the types of sterilization filter and cartridges?

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What are the types of sterilization filter and cartridges?
According to the internal filter material is mainly divided into hydrophilic (water soakable) sterilization filter and hydrophobic (water not soakable) sterilization filter cartridges. For Hydrophilic filtration, filtration materials are mainly used in the filtration of water or mixed aqueous/organic solutions, such as cellulose materials (regenerated cellulose, mixed cellulose ester), PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride), PVPP(polycarbonate). Hydrophobic filter material, mainly used in solvent, acid, Alkali and chemical filtration and gas filtration, such as polycarbonate, polysulfone, polypropylene, PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride), ethylene, PTFE , ethylene, etc. Different membrane materials not only affect the performance of the filter, but also affect the level, physical and thermal characteristics of the leach and precipitate, and the interaction of the filtered flow and body.
Mixed fiber cable ester filter: usually can be made into flat filter membrane, used in liquid and gas fine filtration.
Polypropylene (PP) filter cartridge: can be made of pleated type, polypropylene series filter core using polypropylene, polypropylene filter membrane-based filter material, high retention efficiency, high flux, large receiving capacity, with a wide range of chemical compatibility, very low digestion, long service life. Has a larger aperture, belongs to coarse filter material, commonly used in cartridge filter.
PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride) filter cartridge: heat resistant and chemically stable, able to withstand high temperatures of steam sterilization, can be made into hydrophilic membranes, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for filtering water for injection, the material belongs to fine filtration.
Polyethersulfone (PES) filter cartridge: belongs to Hydrophilic Material, temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, commonly used, in cylinder type, filter to high precision solution for fine filtration.
Nylon N6/N66 filter cartridge: commonly used for fine filtration of liquids. Nylon filter, nylon microfiltration membrane as filter medium, Natural Hydrophilic, easy to wet, high strength, good toughness, no fiber, fall off. Simple filters are more commonly used.
PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) filter cartridge: Hydrophobic material, can be made into a pleated type, polytetrafluoroethylene, filter core using hydrophobic poly, Tetrafluoro, ethylene micro filter membrane or hydrophilic, Polytetrafluoro, ethylene micro filter membrane as filter media, is a more widely used filter materials, heat resistance, chemical stability, often used in water, inorganic solvents and air fine filtration, multi-purpose, in the cartridge filter.
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