What is safe environment of INDRO pleated filter cartridge making machines?

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Update time : 2020-03-09 15:01:49
There is environmental requirement of the machines. What is safe environment of INDRO pleated filter cartridge making machines?
INDRO pleated filter cartridges welding machines meet environmental requirement, utility requirement, machine safety requirement and HMI requirement, have been got approved in USA and Europe market.
Meet environmental requirement:
-All of our cap welding machines have provisions for the proper grounding to insure personal safety.
-The machine shall have adjustable wheels that will allow for leveling the machine in its final installed location.
-The machine control panel is with opening password, only after inputting the correct password, the machine can start.
-The equipment and enclosure(s) conform to applicable US (UL) and European standards.
Meet utility requirement:
-The electrical power to the machine are adequately protected against over-and short-circuit currents in accordance with local laws and regulations.
Meet machine safety requirement:
-The machines have adequate guarding (such as panels and/or walls) to prevent personal injuries from moving and/or heated parts and components.
-If you have high requirement, security grating and auto doors are available, they are optional.
-Motion interlocks are programmed into the PLC logic to prevent machine crashes or other damage when being operated in Manual mode.
Meet HMI requirement:
-The HMI of INDRO pleated filter cartridge welding machines be panel-mounted and have a minimum display size of 6”. It has a color display and touch screen capability.