What machines models are used to weld end caps of all fluoropolymer filter cartridges?

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What machines models are used to weld end caps of all fluoropolymer filter cartridges?
SIIC-M025-ECW-IR-S filter cartridge
end cap welder with infrared welding system (IR welding system) is best machine model to weld end caps of all fluoropolymer filter cartridges.
About All Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridges
All fluoropolymer filter cartridges are featured by PTFE membrane and PVDF components, offering high throughputs, high flow rates and long service life. 
Features and Benefits
-Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic PTFE membrane, low extractable levels
-PVDF construction for good resistance to high temperature and oxidation
-No need to prewetting for hydrophilic PTFE membrane 
-Wide range of removal ratings
-High flow rates and long service life 
-Excellent chemical compatibility
Material of construction
Membrane: Hydrophobic PTFE/Hydrophilic PTFE
Support & Drainage: PVDF
Core & Cage: PVDF
End Caps: PVDF
O-rings/Gasket: FKM/E-FKM
Sealing Technology: Thermal Bonding, No Adhesives
Outer Diameter: 68mm (2.67 in)
Length: 5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
Filtration Area: ≥ 6.4 ft/10” (0.6 m/250mm)
Removal Ratings, μm
Hydrophilic PTFE: 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0
Hydrophilic PTFE: 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure
4.2 bar @ 23/60.9 psid @ 73.4
0.6  bar @ 95/8.7psid @ 203
Advantages of SIIC-M025-ECW-IR-S filter cartridge end cap welder with infrared welding system (IR welding system):
1. Non touching new technology of radiation heating plastic welding with infrared light! It is mainly used for welding products with high appearance and sealing requirements.
2. High heat energy conversion ratio, 50% higher than ordinary hot plate welding, low operation cost and energy saving.
3. Stable radiant heat output can be achieved within 2 seconds without continuous heating, which saves a lot of energy consumption.
4. The welding surface is smooth without wire drawing.
5. Imported temperature control module is adopted, with stable output and high linearity
6. The welding temperature can be set in the temperature division zone (the thickness of the welding line of the weldment is different)
7. The service life of parts welded by infrared heating system is longer than that of ordinary hot plate heating.
8. For non-contact heating, there is no need to clean the heating surface, which greatly shortens the welding cycle.
9. Radiation heating simplifies processing.
10. Perfect combination of welding surfaces.
11. The appearance is free of damage (crushing, plastic deformation caused by excessive heating, etc.)
12. Complete welding with high and stable quality and high requirements for air tightness and integrity.
To sum up, in view of the characteristics of all fluoropolymer filter cartridges and the advantages of
infrared welding machine, filter cartridge end cap infrared welder with model no SIIC-M025-ECW-IR-S is the best choice for welding all fluoropolymer filter cartridges.
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