10 things to consider before making pleated filter cartridges

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Author : indrofiltermachine.com
Update time : 2020-06-03 15:36:04
We have many customers and friends who buy from folding filter core production line from our company, they will consult a lot of filter core-related issues. There are also clients who take a lot of detours or waste a lot of time and money. Therefore, we have made the following summary specifically, hoping to help the new pleated filter cartridges manufacturers save time and money. Here are 10 things you should consider before you make a liquid filtration membrane pleated filter cartridge.
1.What types of pleated filters do I make?
ordinary small diameter filter cartridge and large diameter high flow large filter cartridge?
2.The filter media material of filter cartridge?
Small diameter filter material: PP, PES, PTFE , PVDF, Fiberglass
High flow filter material: PP or other
Size of filter cartridge
4.What accessories or parts do you need for the filter cartridges?
5.Pleated filter cartridge production process
6.Your own budget?
The same production process to use different equipment, different models are with different prices, you can choose according to your own condition.
7.Your workshop space?
Space including raw material storage space, production space, packaging and transportation turnover space. The production site is the most important. If your site is large enough, the installation space for the equipment can be considered in less time.
8. Look for professional and responsible suppliers of filter element production equipment
How to judge a pleated filter production equipment supplier is professional or not?
First, to see whether this supplier is specializeed in the production of pleated filter production equipment. Most of the production of folding filter elements is done by welding, and some suppliers also do welding equipment, but their welding equipment is too widely used to provide reliable production solutions and services for water filtration pleated filter elements.
Second, you communicate with the supplier by video or voice chat, chat about the content of the filter, as well as the content of the machine, to check if it is professional or not.
Third, see if the supplier's response is timely.
9. Look for membrane suppliers
10.Looking for suppliers of filter plastic parts
If you are planning to add a new folding filter element to your production line, have you thought through the above 10 things?