How to produce high flow water filter or pleated filter cartridge?

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How to produce high flow water filter or pleated filter cartridge?

1. Using pleats making machine (pleats maker) to produce filter cartridges pleats.
Putting quality tested filtration media with suitable width onto feeding roll of pleating machine, pleating machine starts making some plates as trial running to adjust pleating speed and pleat depth, pleating design increased the filtration area for deep filtration.
The cutter of the pleating machine set to cut off a certain length of pleated membrane. One worker will gather the pleated membrane into a box and forward to the next process.

2. Using middle seam welder and filter cutter to do middle seam thermal welding and do trimming off of pleats length
Cutting off cartridge filters pleats length or do trimming of edges to suit for filter cage.
We need to cut off the surplus length on both sides of the thermal welded pleated membrane to make sure it is 20/40/60 inches long to fit the cage and end caps. Length control is important for the filter cartridge integrity. Too long which will affect the flow rate or too short which cause leakage in the filtration process. 
Using middle seam welder to do seam thermal welding of filter cartridge paper 
Ultrasonic thermal welding is a high technology for side seam sealing of membrane pleated, without any additives & glues in the process which making sure 100% integrity of the side seam and not any pollution. Keeping clean and stable for the membrane pleated cartridge filters and high flow pleated filter cartridge in the filtration process. 
3. Cartridge shape 
Putting the correct length pleated membrane which contains an inner core inside into the outer cage. Assembled Semi-finished filters which placed neatly to clean and tidy box, waiting for the next step.

4. Using IR end cap welder to do cap welding 
Weld flat cap onto both ends of the filter cartridge to make pleated membrane, inner core & outer cage together. 

5. Using IR cap welder and length connector welder to do fitting end caps and filter cartridge length connecting welding
Fitting end cap welding
Put the fitting end caps on both ends and the filter cartridge in the middle of end caps thermal welding machine. 
Length connecting
Welding 2/3 pieces together to complete 40/60 inches long high flow pleated filter cartridge, so that all the part of the pleated filter cartridge is thermal welded together, complete the production of membrane pleated cartridge filter.

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