Common production process of polyester dust filter cartridge

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Update time : 2020-08-10 15:59:23
Common production process of polyester dust filter cartridge
The polyester filter cartridge is one of the most common filter elements in the filter cartridge, usually with a size of diameter 324-325mm * length 660-915mm. How is it produced? As a professional manufacturer of dust filter production making machines line and equipment manufacturers, today we are special to introduce it as followings:
1. Pleats maker: using pleating machine to make polyester filter media pleats.
2. Sealing the middle seam: using special middle seam welding machine to seal the pleat seam.
3. Internal support mesh cage/core making: use special machine to do cutting-rolling-welding to complete a support mesh supporting core production.
4. End cap injection-gluing: AB injection machine is used for end cap injection, the end cap is bonded at both ends of the cartridge. If the end cover has a sealing ring, also need to seal the ring on the end cover.
5. STRAPPING: Use a strapping machine to attach the strapping to a polyester cartridge.
SIIC-M034 is special model line special for making polyester media dust filter cartridges, including all of above machines, for special dust filter cartridges, we can custom design and make as per special production process requirement.
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