How to produce capsule filter? Which plastic parts and welding machines are used to produce it?

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How to produce capsule filters? Which parts plastic parts and welding machines are needed to produce capsule filters?
One capsule filter includes pleated filter cartridge inside and plastic cage outside. It is because this kind of pleated filter cartridge looks like one capsule, it is called capsule filters.

The production process of capsule filters is as following:
Production process of pleated filter cartridges installed inside: pleat making-middle seam welding-filter pleats cutting-pleats installation-cap welding on both ends of filter cartridges.
Outer housings welding process: generally, one capsule filter’s out housing includes two halves, and some longer capsule filters outer housings include middle part and parts on both ends. The outer housings welding process is like this: step 1-welding one end of outer housing onto pleated filter cartridges; step 2, welding the middle part of outer housings onto previous end which is already welded onto filter cartridge; step 3, welding left end onto the middle body, till now all outer housings are welded, one complete piece of capsule filter is finished.

As for very short capsule filter, for example, 5” or 10” long capsule filter, because the outer housing only includes two halves, step 2 will be ignored.

What plastic parts are included in one capsule filter?
Inner core/outer cage, caps of pleated filter cartridge which is installed inside of capsule filter, outer housings plastic parts.

To produce one capsule filter, what welding machines or equipments shall we need?
Except for
pleat making machine and filter pleat cutting equipment, to produce one complete piece of capsule filter, you shall need following welding machines:
Middle seam welder, filter cartridge cap welding machine and outer cage welders.
Now let us introduce you how to select suitable welding machines:

1. Filter cartridge middle seam welding machine: different welders depend on different membrane material. If your membrane layer is polypropylene, model SIIC-M025-MSW-PP is recommended, which is one special ultrasonic welding machine to weld PP membrane pleats middle seam. When your membrane layer is made of PES, PTFE,FIBERLGASS, PVDF, NYLON, recommended model is SIIC-M025-MSW-H, which is one special hot air welding machine designed and modified by Shanghai INDRO and special used for welding middle seam of filter pleats with high value.
2. Filter cartridge cap welder: Because the production requirement of capsule filter is higher, normally infrared welding machine with model of SIIC-M025-ECW-IR is recommended, which is special used for top quality pleated filter cartridge. Of course when you only need to produce common PP membrane capsule filter, model SIIC-M025-ECWH is recommended, which is one economic filter cartridge cap welder compared with IR welding machine.
3. Capsule filter outer housing welding machine: it needs 2 or 3 welding production steps here.
Step 1, welding one end of outer housing onto pleated filter cartridge. Model
SIIC-M025-EW from INDRO is recommended for this step, this model is one special machine for welding plastic adaptors of filter cartridge.
Step 2, welding left parts of outer housings together to make one complete piece of capsule filter till now.
Two options of machines for this step here:
Option A-SIIC-M025-RW filter cartridge rotary welding machine is recommended.
Option B-
SIIC-M025-EW filter cartridge hot plate welder which is special used for welding plastic adaptor (fitting end)
The features and comparison of above two machines is as following:
SIIC-M025-RW filter cartridge rotary welder is with higher production capacity, approx 5s per piece
SIIC-M025-EW hot plate welder is with a little lower production capacity, compared with rotary welder, say approx 20s per piece.

In addition, if you also want to produce longer capsule filter, for example, 20”, 30” and 40” long capsule filter, it also need additional production process-length connector welding process, which need additional
length connector (length joint) welding machine. If you want higher production capacity, you shall need more welding machines, say one or more machines for one step.

To sum up, the production of capsule filters mainly include inner pleated filter cartridge production and outer cages welding. The production process includes: pleats making, filter pleats cutting, middle seam welding, caps welding and outer housing(cages) welding. The whole production lines include pleat making machine, middle seam welder, filter pleats cutter, filter-caps welding equipment, filter adaptors welder, filter rotary welder. The selection of exact machines models, and the quantities of machines needed depend on the capsule filters materials, sizes and your request of production capacity.

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