What equipment is needed to produce PES membrane pleated filter cartridge?

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Update time : 2020-07-13 18:24:23
What equipment is needed to produce PES membrane pleated filter cartridge?
A complete membrane depth filtration pleated filter cartridge usually consists of support cage/core, caps/adaptors and filter material.
Usually, the plastic support cage/core, the end cap and adaptors are made of polypropylene.
The pleated filter media is composed of multi-layer filter media, which is divided into support layer and filter membrane layer. The filter material of the support layer is usually polypropylene filter media, the filter membrane material is various: Besides the common PP, there are PES, NYLON, FIBERGLASS, PTFE, PVDF and other relatively high cost filter membrane.
Commonly PES pleated filter cartridge refers to the absolute filter cartridge with PES filter membrane.
More and more customer friends tell us, right now PP pleated filter cartridge competition is too big, and they want to produce a higher value PES pleated filter cartridge. Then what machines are needed to produce PES pleated filter cartridges?
The production process of PES pleated filter cartridge is the same as the conventional PP pleated: pleats making-mid seam welding-cutting-cap welding-length connector welding-adaptors welding. The production of PES pleated filter cartridges requires the following machines:
1. Pleating machine, it can be shared with PP pleated filter cartridge filter pleats maker.
2. Middle seam welder, a separate seam welder, differs from the PP pleated filter cartridge pleats middle seam ultrasonic welding machine.
3. Filter cutting machine, for PES membrane filter pleats you can only use small cutting machine SIIC-M025-LC10, it can not use large-scale cutting machine, our company's large-scale cutting machine SIIC-M025-LC20 is only suitable for cutting PP membrane filter paper.
4. Cap welding machine, you had better use filter cap infrared welding (SIIC-M025-ECW-IR). More info about PES filter cartridge cap welder: to produce PES filter cartridge, better to choose infrared or hot plate welding system?
5. Length connector welding machine (SIIC-M025-LJWH) for the production of 20, 30, 40 inch long filter elements.
6. Adaptors welding machine (SIIC-M025-EW), if the filter element size is the same, it can be shared with PP filter cartridge adaptors welding machine.