How to produce capsule filters? what welding machines to use?

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Update time : 2020-07-07 20:11:16
Capsule filters are filter cartridges melt sealed into plastic filter housings and are available in various diameters and lengths, are also called integral filter. They are specially designed for a wide range of liquid and gas filtration applications.
A capsule filter is composed of one inner filter element and outer housing, and one complete piece of outer housing includes upper and bottom parts, or upper part, middle body part and bottom part.

Then how to make one capsule filters?
Step1: inner filter element making:
The inner filter element is normally using pleated filter cartridges. It making process is pleats making-middle seam welding-filter pleats cutting-inserting pleats into cages-filter cartridge cap welding
Step 2: If you want to make capsule filter with length of 20”, 30”, 40” or even longer, you have to do filter cartridges length connector welding to get longer pleated filter cartridges which is used as inner filter element of capsule filter.
Step 3: outer housing cap welding-welding one part (we call it part A here) of outer housing onto one end of inner pleated filter cartridge.
Step 4: Connecting the all parts of outer housing together by welding to get a complete piece of capsule filter.
From the above information, we can see that
to produce capsule filter, we need the following equipment and machines:
1.Capsule filter pleats maker-making machine


2.Capsule filter inner filter cartridge middle seam welder

3.Capsule filter inner filter pleats cutter


4.Capsule filter inner filter cap welder

5.Capsule filter inner filter length connector welder

6.Capsule filter outer housing cap welder

7.Capsule filter outer filter housing welder