pleated filter cartridge production-caps welding-length connector welding-adaptors welding

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Update time : 2020-06-30 15:42:33
3 welding tips about pleated filter cartridge production
 -Filter cartridge cap welding
-Filter cartridge length connector welding
-Filter cartridge adaptors welding.
The pleated filter cartridges mean the liquid filtration pleated filter cartridge, they are also called water filtration, depth filtration, absolute filtration, micron rating filtration membrane pleated filter cartridge.
The production process of making membrane pleated filter cartridges mainly includes pleats making, assembly, cutting and welding.
Among all of these works, welding works occupies the vast majority of the pleated filter cartridges production. The membrane pleated filter cartridges welding works mainly include: membrane pleats middle seam welding, pleated filter cartridges caps welding, pleated filter cartridges length connector welding and pleated filter cartridges adaptors (fitting ends/connection end caps) welding.
1. Pleated filter cartridge middle seam welding
2. Pleated filter cartridge cap welding: the caps of the filter cartridges refer to the fitting connecting the filter cartridge supporting cages, membrane filter pleats and the adaptors. The welding of filter cartridges cap refers to the welding of the filter element skeleton (inner core/outer cage) and the pleated filter paper placed between inner core and outer filter cage together with the cap.
The welding of the end cap of the filter element is a one-step process that must be carried out before the length connector welding of the filter cartridges or the filter cartridge adaptors welding.
Shanghai INDRO developed and manufactured filter end cap welding equipment includes economical hot plate welding machine and high-end infrared welding machine, specially used for welding conventional small diameter pleated filter end cap and high flow folding filter end cap.
3. Pleated filter cartridge length connector welding: filter length welding refers to the number of filter elements welded together to form a longer filter. For example, to produce 20 inches filter cartridge, you need to weld two 10 inch filter elements together to form a 20 inch length. Weld three or four 10 inch pleated filter cartridges together to form a 30 inch or 40 inch long filter cartridge.
4. Pleated filter cartridge adaptor welding: Filter adaptor mainly refers to 222,226, Fin, flat cap accessories, their main roles are to fix the filter cartridge into the cartridge filter housing. Adaptors are also called end caps, fitting ends, connector ends, or connecting end caps. To make it easier to understand and distinguish end caps welding mentioned before length connector welding, we call 222, 226, Fin or flat cap parts as adaptors here.
The adaptors welding of the filter cartridge is mainly welding the joint fitting ends together with the end cap of the filter cartridges.
Through the above explanation, we can clearly know: pleated filter paper is installed in the filter core skeleton(between inner core and outer cage) after the completion of middle seam welding, first is welding the membrane pleats, filter inner core plus outer cages and end caps together to complete filter cartridge cap welding, then the length connector welding of the filter element is completed by welding one end cap of piece-A and one end cap of piece-B, the welding of the pleated filter cartridges adaptors is completed by welding the end cap and the adaptor in the third step. The following diagram can help you better understand the filter soldering process:

We have been often asked by customers "the above 3 welding can be done in the same equipment? "
From the above explanation can be concluded: Can Not be done on the same equipment. Pleated filter cartridge cap welding must be done with a separate machine. The filter cap welding is a process which must be completed before the length connector welding and the adaptors welding of pleated filter cartridges.
There are also a small number of filter element manufacturers that weld the end cap together the adaptor ahead of time to form a composite part: for example, weld cap together with 222 or fin (see above picture) first to form a composite fitting, the composite adaptor part is then welded together with the filter core skeleton and the pleated filter media. The steps may be slightly different, but the principle is the same.
Now let us show you some machines pictures and video of pleated filter cartridge cap welding, length connector welding and adaptors welding.

Pleated filter cartridge cap welding-length connector welding-fitting end welding video:

If you are also planning to produce your own water filtration or liquid filtration, depth filtration, absolute filtration membrane pleated filter cartridges, does the above explanation help you? Do you know more about the welding process of depth membrane pleated filter cartridges? Do you know which filter cartridge welding production equipment to choose?