Filter end cap welding case-machines line for making pleated filters with 7 types of end caps of 69-70mm filter and high flow filters(01)

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Update time : 2023-10-26 18:37:01
Filter end cap welding case-machines line for making pleated filters with 7 types of end caps of 69-70mm filter and high flow filters with 11 types of end caps:
We got end caps from customer today.
Customer plan to make 3 types of filters:
1st is 69-70mm diameter pleated filter cartridge
2nd is high flow pleated filter cartridge
3rd is high flow spiral wound filter cartridge
For 1st filter, customer want to do DOE filter, and connect 2/3/4pcs 10inch modules to get 20/30/40inch filter, then weld adaptors onto filter. And there are 7types of adaptors for this filter, see following photo.
For 2nd filter-high flow pleated filter cartridge, customer selected almost all types of end caps which is popular in the market, totally 11 types of end caps (see following photo). Customer wants to make 20”-40-60inch filter.
For 3rd high flow spiral wound filter cartridge, the customer wants to make filter with length up to 80inch.
Customer selected machines models as followings:
1st filter-69-70mm diameter pleated filter cartridge:
1. SIIC-M025-ECWH-IR-S, this customer is very professional, he took a liking to this device at first glance and chose it. It has to be said that this is indeed the most popular end cap welding equipment among customers in 2023. Especially for manufacturers of PES filter cartridges used in the medical industry, this device is the best option.
2. SIIC-M025-EW-IR-S, it is used for welding adaptors onto DOE filter. If you want to produce high-end quality filter cartridges, this device is the most suitable one. With this adaptor welding equipment, as the owner of filter manufacturer, you no longer have to worry about unstable product quality caused by worker’s changes.
3. SIIC-M025-LJWH-IR-S, it is one of the three sets of pleated filter cartridge welding equipment. It is specially used for connecting 2-3-4 pieces of 10inch modules to get 20-30-40inch filters. The main parameters related to welding depth are all controlled by PLC. The set parameters are automatically stored in the PLC. It is the best guarantee to ensure the stability and consistency of the quality of different batches of filter cartridges.
4. SIIC-M025-MSW-PP and SIIC-M025-MSW-H. two necessary machines for welding middle seam of PP pleat packs and PES/PVDF/Nylon membrane pleat packs.
5. SIIC-M025-LC, pleat packs edge trimmer. There are some customers asked us why it is necessary to use this machine if they already have automatic vertical cutting. Regarding this question, we will have a separate article to write about it.
2nd filter- high flow pleated filter cartridge:
  1. SIIC-M028-ECWH-IR-S, special machines for welding end caps of high flow pleated filter cartridges. Because customer need to weld 11 types of end caps, they select two sets of this machine. From the perspective of machine maintenance, when your end caps types number is larger than 6, you shall need at least 2 sets of end caps welders.
  2. SIIC-M028-LJW, it is used to connect 20” module and 40” module to get one 60” filter.
  3. SIIC-M028-LC, high flow filter pleat packs edges trimmer.
3rd filter- high flow spiral wound filter cartridge
Except for SIIC-M028-ECWH-IR-S, SIIC-M028-LC, the machine model SIIC-M025-BSW is also necessary, it is used to wind belt around the outside of filter cartridge with glue.
Because this customer is an old manufacturer of pleated filter cartridge, they already have pleats making machines in their factory. Their most urgent task is to update their equipment and increase production capacity. They selected above machines line.
The customer said that because they knew that our equipment had been validated in the market, they sent us the end caps of all types of filter elements. And let us offer them biggest support in completing the equipment upgrade as soon as possible.
Unfinished, to be continued...